RoomCircle SEO Charges Assurance Offer: Terms and Conditions

We would reverse 50% of the SEO charges received by us in case your website does not show up in first 3 pages (top 30 search results) in Google Search for at least 1, 2, 4 and 8 kewords respectively for Budget, Deluxe, Executive and Presidential plans after 9 months of continuous SEO by RoomCircle. The offer is subject to the following terms:

  1. The offer is applicable to SEO packages listed on when availed at the listed rates. Packages obtained at discounted rates or custom defined packages are not eligible. Combo Packages (Booking Engine + SEO) are eligible. For Combos, amounts paid by Client towards monthly/quarterly SEO charges are counted as SEO charges. Transaction charges or those related to Booking engine or charges not specifically designated for SEO are not to be counted.
  2. The Client should take taken at least 9 months of continuous SEO service from RoomCircle for the same keywords for the same website and paid all charges on time, including charges for any other Services of RoomCircle.
  3. The offer applies only if the Client accepts the keywords recommended by RoomCircle when starting the SEO service. If the Client opts to pursue some other keywords, the offer would not be applicable.
  4. The Website's domain must be at least 3 months old at the time of starting the SEO services.
  5. If found eligible, RoomCircle would provide a credit equivalent to 50% of last 9 months of SEO charges paid by the Client (excluding any setup charges and taxes). The Client can use the credit for availing any services of RoomCircle over the next six months. Cash Refunds are not permissible under the offer.
  6. In case a Client uses SEO services for multiple websites, the offer shall independently apply in respect each website.
  7. The offer is applicable only if a specific provision to this effect is a part of the service contract between RoomCircle and the Client. Any terms to the contrary in the service contract shall super-cede these terms.
  8. The offer would become null and void at any time (including for packages already purchased and in service) in case Google makes any significant changes to its search algorithms or related technologies / systems / mechanisms that adversely affect the results of the SEO services provided by RoomCircle. The decision of RoomCircle in such cases shall be final and binding.
  9. The decision of RoomCircle in case of any ambiguity or dispute shall be final.
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